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Hello, I’m MOHITH MK, a passionate Freelance Digital Marketer in Malappuram, Kerala. With a deep-rooted love for all things digital, I bring a wealth of experience and skills to the table to help businesses thrive in the online world. I have completed the digital marketing course from CDA.

I specialize in a wide range of Freelance Digital Marketing services tailored to suit your business needs. My expertise spans Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEM), Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing, and Website Development. My mission is simple: to propel your business to greater heights through strategic and data-driven marketing.


Email marketing

Freelance Digital Marketing Services in Malappuram

Web Design

Web design in digital marketing area that can involves creating and optimizing websites for online display, as a freelance digital marketer can creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites that effectively convey information, products, or services on the internet.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic digital marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable conent to attract and engage a target audience, by creating and sharing relevent articles, videos, podcasts and other media


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of digital marketing, the aim is to make a website more search engine-friendly and, consequently, more appealing to both search engines and human visitors.

Web Development

Web development involves the creation and maintenance of the marketing infrastructure, for websites. A designed website has the ability to draw in visitors. I can assist you in building your website and aiding your business in reaching levels of success.


Social media marketing is a strategy within the marketing field that aims to promote products and brands through various social media platforms. It has the potential to efficiently generate traffic targeted towards a specific audience. A freelance digital marketer can help to enhance their business effectivily.

Email marketing

Email marketing involves the act of sending messages or letters to a collective of individuals, through email. It serves as a means for businesses and independent digital marketers to disseminate news, exclusive deals and pertinent information to their customers or individuals who have expressed interest, in their products or services.


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Digital marketing startagist in Kerala


Mohith is highly regarded as a freelance digital marketer with a wealth of expertise, in SEO and SMM services. His remarkable skills and extensive knowledge make him a top choice, for providing service in this field.

SEO Expert

Best Freelance Digital Marketer in kerala


He is the best freelance digital marketer in Malappuram, excelling in problem-solving skills and possessing a strong aptitude for easy learning and knowledge application to enhance and optimize various directions of his work.

Web Designer

Best Digital Marketing specialist in Malappuram kerala


Wow I have to say this freelance digital marketer is truly exceptional when it comes to marketing. His skills and dedication are truly impressive. He consistently finds solutions. Delivers outstanding results every time!

Graphic Designer

Freelance Digital Marketing specialist in Malappuram kerala


He is the best and unique freelance digital marketer in making websites. It’s so impressive to know he is committed to and easily gets his work done.

Digital Marketing Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Freelance Digital Marketer in the world of online promotion, often known as digital marketing, businesses utilize the internet and a range of digital tools to enhance brand visibility and create connections with potential customers.

  • To increase the visibility of business
  • The trust is easily engage through the customers
  • Digital marketing is its ability to precisely track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns in real-time
  • A Freelance Digital Marketer in Malappuram crafts tailored strategies to uniquely elevate local businesses, fostering a vibrant online presence and driving impactful results.
  • The marketers are also utilizing online platforms and tools such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertising to connect with people.
  • To make a attentions to the target audience, creates engaging content including text, images, videos, these are make more attentions to the customers and conveys the brand’s message
  • The marketers are plan campaings and strategies to promote the products services most efffectively.
  • To analyzes the data for marketing campaigns like website traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more to evaluate success.
  • As a freelance digital marketer in Malappuram, I craft customized online strategies to elevate local businesses, fostering a distinctive online presence and driving impactful results
  • Breaking the geographical barriers to reach a global audience and easily connect with potential customers worldwide.
  • Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods, offering businesses a better return on investment.
  • The interactivity through email, social media, and other digital sources enhances customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty and meaningful relationships.
  • First off, it helps your business go global, connecting with people all around the world through online platforms.
  • More affordable than traditional marketing methods, allowing broader reach on a budget.
  • Targeted advertising can reach a specific customer profile for optimized campaign efficiency
  • Real-time analytics for data-driven decisions and continuous strategy refinement
  • Online platforms provide constant accessibility for customers.
  • Brand building creates a consistent and recognizable online brand presence.

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